The Headquarters (HQ) is collaborative space where architects, artists, activists, placemakers, builders, permaculturists, and other really neat people work together every day to build a healthier and more just world. In our shared place, we cook meals together every Thursday and chat about our personal lives and dreams. In our gardens grow food, sequester rain water, and provide native habitat. We playfully employ permaculture and appropriate technology practices into our building from clay paints to painting a reflective color on our roof.  

City Repair is blessed to share a home with and often collaborate with the following changemakers:


Your humble neighborhood leader in sustainable architecture. With our experience designing the Rebuilding Center, urban co-housing communities, the first permitted light straw clay and cob buildings in Portland, and custom ADU's, we advocate for beautiful, healthy places that bring people together in community. www.communitecture.net

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Witch Hazel Designs and Education:
Permaculture planning, landscape design, and teaching. https://www.witchhazeldesigns.com/

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Placecraft Design & Build:

Crafting healthy homes and nature places. We work with the principles of permaculture and placemaking to be grounded in ethical and local needs. http://placecraftnw.com/

Institute of Permaculture Education for Children:

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IPEC applies the wisdom and practice of permaculture design to inform our approach for providing farm-based learning programs for youth, skill-building workshops for adults and professional development opportunities for educators. Jean’s Farm provides an exceptional learning environment for these programs, and also operates as a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) Farm where visitors experience the practice of growing chemical-free food while benefitting the ecology of this unique forested canyon inside the city limits of Portland, Oregon.  http://www.permaculture.us.com/

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Safer States:
Safer States is a network of diverse environmental health coalitions and organizations in states around the country that share a bold and urgent vision. We believe families, communities, and the environment should be protected from the devastating impacts of our society’s heavy use of chemicals. We believe that new state and national chemical policies will contribute to the formation of a cleaner, greener economy. http://www.saferstates.org/

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Planet Repair Institute:
We demonstrate and teach urban permaculture from the HQ and our Sellwood home-base. The Planet Repair Institute (PRI) is more than just a demonstration site – it’s also our home.   As our home, we see PRI as more than just a place where we return to at the end of the day to eat, sleep and excrete our bodily fluids, so as to ensure our punctual return to drudgery early the following morning. Our home is a living entity that pulsates, throbs, energizes, thrives, takes in, and feeds back like a living organ in the greater life form that is our neighborhood.  Our home is the source of our sustenace, and nourishes the community around us, just as that community nourishes us. https://planetrepair.wordpress.com/

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Open Architecture Collaborative (OAC PDX):
Through the spirit of collaboration, OAC PDX strives to empower local communities in need by facilitating appropriate design solutions with lasting benefit and a sustainable mindset. As an organization founded upon design advocacy, OAC PDX offers its design services pro-bono with the intent that these services should lead to paid work for the profession. https://openarchcollab.org/portland-oregon/


Friends that lived with us, moved out and are continuing to do the good work.


Outside the Frame (OTF):
At OTF, we change the way homeless youth see and are seen by teaching them filmmaking. We are proving that homeless youth are not a liability, they are an asset to our communities. As they make their own films, they gain employable skills, and build the confidence and motivation to embrace and contribute to society. In our film workshops, youth learn all aspects of film production and create films about issues that matter to them. Workshops are facilitated by professional filmmakers and trained program alumni who work as peer mentors. http://otfpdx.org/

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Born & Raised Construction:
Lead by Simon & Rion Lyle, two brothers born and raised in the Buckman neighborhood. They are dedicated to increasing the livability of Portland and specialize in thoughtfully crafted accessory dwelling units, house lifts, basement remodels, and home additions. http://www.bornandraisedconstruction.com/