City Repair has numerous programs throughout the year including our largest annual program, the Village Building Convergence. Beyond our own programs, we also support individuals/groups to nest their programs under our nonprofit umbrella if there's alignment. Click through some of our programs to learn more about what keeps us busy these days.


Village Building Convergence

Our largest program and annual spring-time barn-raising that spans 10 days early June! Through the VBC, we facilitate “placemaking” to encourage the emergence of a modern village spirit.

VBC 19 is May 31st-june 10th, 2019


Earth day pdx

Being Environmentally focused, Earth Day (4/22) tends to be a day of celebration and action for City Repair. Our activation on Earth Day has ranged over the years from hosting a large festival to service days.


Houseless Village Building

In partnership with the POD Initiative and the Village Coalition, City Repair has been helping apply placemaking and our village building model to respond to the current housing crisis.

Pollinator Pathways

Pollinator species are in distress as their habitats have become threatened by various human activities. We collaborate with other organizations and community members to design and plant long strips of pollinator friendly habitat in long corridors.

TCrab Finished 1.jpeg


The T-Fleet is a fleet of mobile gathering places that seek to connect people through inspiration! Current fleet members include the legendary T-Horse, our trusty truck with butterfly wings and our newest addition, the  electric bike-powered T-Crab!

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Ephemeral Placemaking

City Repair creates magical inspiring ephemeral villages including the Nest at Pickathon. We are proud sponsors and collaborators for events that have a strong focus on family-oriented and sustainable programming.